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Your website is the face of your business. You need it to look fantastic, not just good. I create visually appealing and inspiring websites that are easy to navigate. This not only draws people to your website, but also causes them to stay there and really learn what your business or organization is all about.

Whether it is branding your business or simply advertising your event, and promote your ministry or business through digital

arts by creating logos, business cards, brochures,

bulletins, posters, t-shirts,

and many more items that embody who you are and what you are about.

I specialize in Senior, Family, maternity, professional business portraiture, and product marketing photography. Professional photos transform any website, business card, or business portfolio from mediocre to outstanding.

Hello! My name is Mariah Sloan, and I am a Senior Studio Art Major. My focus is Graphic Design. My mission for both the present and future is to create inspiring visual art designs that represent your business, ministry, or organization so that you can impact the world with your message.


From years of traveling and ministering with my family, I discovered that many churches and ministries that we visited had a desire to become more relevant to today's generation through technological visual arts.


However, they had no idea where to start. I have a desire to fix this problem. I help businesses and ministries build their brand and relay the message that they want to send to the world by creating websites that are visually compelling and user friendly. I look forward to working with you!


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